Thursday, December 12, 2013

Easy Pineapple Tomato Jam on grilled sandwich

Dinner doesn't get much easier than this moms!

In a small saucepan cook down:
    2 cups fresh tomatoes
    1 cup fresh pineapple
    1 tablespoon brown sugar

Keep covered and cooking on medium heat, stirring occasionally. Cooks down in about 15 minutes.

While Jam is working its magic, prepare the sandwich. I had my two year old spread some EVOO on homemade buns (recipe to come) and broiled them light brown in the oven. I also lightly sautéed some uncured Canadian bacon. And that's all it takes and you have got a delicious gourmet sandwich approved by my husband, young daughter, and of course, myself.

Optional Substitutes:
Tomato- cherry, grape, large (diced)
Fresh Pineapple- canned pineapple, mango, peach
Brown Sugar- honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar
Canadian Bacon- ham, turkey

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